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Web Design

Expectations & Projections

Marketing Budget Distribution by Year

We have identified a large increase in how companies are allocated their marketing and advertising budgets in order to account for their online presence. As a result, many companies are opting to have a professional web design or web development firm help them improve how their visitors perceive them when visiting them online. In addition, many companies allocate additional funds towards ensuring compatibility with the mobile web.

We believe there will also be a trend in the near future for many online services to ensure they not only have a mobile web presence, but a mobile app presence as well. This would account for ensuring that all of their mobile users will have a method to access their offerings regardless of their preference.

Creative Marketing Budget Distribution by Industry

Since many companies are realizing the importance of having a strong online presence, we have seen many industries increase their creative marketing budgets to account for web design, mobile app development, and other creative projects. An emphasis is placed on user interaction to ensure their web visitors will have access to information which they require to make more educated business decisions.

Companies in the healthcare and retail industry are significantly increasing their budgets in order to compete with competitors within their industry and to meet the growing demands of their clients. In addition, funds are being allocated to ensure that their online presence is properly secured and to ensure compatibility with a growing array of web technologies.

Internet Use by Device

It is no secret that more and more consumers are moving towards mobile devices and away from traditional means of accessing the Internet. As a result, more businesses are becoming concerned about how their web users are accessing and interacting with their websites and online services.

While building for the mobile web is important, many online services still have desktop users as well as users on tablets. We expect the mobile web to experience a slower growth pattern, but growth will remain steady. Tablet users will make up a particular niche, but will become a popular way to access the Internet when compared to desktop users. Tablets are becoming more functional and are replacing many dedicated desktop tasks.

ROI Compared Between In-House and Outsource

Our research team has invested its time in connecting with those which have hired web design and web development companies. In many cases, these companies have previously handled their creative marketing efforts in-house prior to outsourcing their efforts. The decision to outsource their web design and other creative marketing efforts have often led to a realized higher ROI.

There is a trend in outsourcing these efforts towards professionals who are more experienced in creating a unique and engaging online presence. Having a web design company specifically craft a website can have benefits which may not be immediately witnessed financially, but rather in the long term through consumer recognition and a larger online audience.

Time to Project Completion

For many larger businesses a redesign is a significant undertaking requiring a lot of work and effort from a large number of departments. As a result, it is important to take into consideration the amount of time it will take to roll out a redesign. While it is possible to get a new design out within a few months, website designs are generally rolled out over time.

We have found that for many businesses, time is also placed to ensure that legacy pages and different areas of a web site are being properly updated to reflect a new design. New features and functions are also taken into consideration during a design phase, and therefore may take additional time to roll out.

Agency Spotlights

Foxtail Marketing

230 N. 1200 E.
Lehi, UT 84043

We’re marketing experts, yes. However, you are the expert in your field. Therefore, at Foxtail Marketing, we provide you with systems and tools that help your expertise reach your customers. We work in collaboration with our clients ensuring that the messaging is always consistent with their brand. We don’t believe in producing artificial marketing material. Your clients can tell when something is organic and when they’re being pandered to.If you’ve always thought that your marketing firm didn’t really “get” what you did, then welcome to a new kind of firm. Not only will we learn your field, but we will lean on your expertise to produce the best quality in the industry. After working with us, our clients become thought leaders and experts across their market.

VJG Interactive

One Gateway Center Suite 2600
Newark, New Jersey 07102

VJG Interactive is an online marketing agency which offers state of the art premium marketing solutions aimed at delivering exceptional results to their clients and partners. They specialize in identifying effective marketing strategies based on the goals and objectives of their clients. While they offer effective organic marketing strategies, VJG is able to handle a wide variety of projects including unique web designs, developing specialized platforms, and creating mobile applications and websites either for in-house use or aimed at clients and partners. We work with online marketing experts around the world to not only ensure a higher standard in professionalism, but to also ensure those working on our online marketing projects are experts within their region and line of work.

The Creative Momentum

1801 Old Alabama Road
Roswell, Georgia 30076

Our full-service creative and digital marketing agency, specializing in custom web design and development for businesses that feel their branding strategy is “coasting” at best. The Creative Momentum provides custom Web / Interactive, Marketing, SEO, Custom Graphic / Logo Design, Branding, Advertising, Media, Mobile Design and Strategic Planning to clients in high-tech B2B, B2C, consulting, security and non-profit. The world of advertising, marketing, and design are ever-changing and may have already passed your company – you may also see that your strategy is becoming mute or even behind the times. As an Atlanta-based full service creative agency, we give your company the momentum it needs to bridge that gap and to get the conversation started.


2850 N. Pulaski
Chicago, Illinois 60647

Web312 has worked on many different types of business websites and we would be honored to add your business to our growing list. You can include so many great applications to your website in order to attract the customers who are in need of your company’s services. You have the possibility to access all of the websites we are working on to see for yourself. Whatever your business is, we can design a unique website for you that will look professional and be easy to use.
Web312 has preached less is more, since day 1 in 2003 and the facts/statistics have clearly proven that. We feel this will continue and the future will be Hybrid Websites between landing pages and micro-sites, since most business have websites for lead generation.