Published January 07th, 2019 by bestwebdesignagencies

Website Trends Your B2B Business Must Pay Attention to in 2019

When marketing online, you need to use every advantage you have. If your website looks like it is from 2018, you won’t get the results you want. Other businesses want to know they are working with a leader and the first thing many decision makers see is your website. If your website doesn’t communicate you are an industry leader, it is time to get prepared for 2019. Continue reading to learn about the website trends that will take over design in 2019. Design According to Website Personality Instead of focusing only on features and functions of a website, now designers will make sure the website’s personality is considered. If the website is supposed to be professional, the design will reflect a professional web presence. On the other hand, if a website is supposed to be more about having fun and being entertaining, its design elements will reflect this. Your website should always feel like an extension of your people. Your website should be the first line of introduction to your employees including your sales team. When people know what to expect when they call your company, you are more likely to attract the right clients. Easy Navigation User experience is becoming increasingly important and easy navigation is a part of good user experience. Keeping buttons to a minimum and using navigation hacks like the hamburger menu will continue to gain popularity. Navigation doesn’t only mean the menu parts and sidebars on your website. You need to have your website set up with categories and breadcrumbs that make it easy for people to know where to go. Interlinking is also an important part of easy navigation. Long Pages Long pages are helpful because you can get a message across to your viewers without ever requiring them to click to another part of your website. Long pages don’t have to load slowly with the latest coding technology, email verification technology and responsive loading for all device types. You shouldn’t have long pages for the sake of making your pages long. If your pages load slow and don’t offer helpful information, you should reduce their size. Quality Photos Webmasters are going to invest in more high-quality photos. Photos are important parts to any website, but images will continue to rise in popularity. Images will be used to explain information, demonstrate how to do various tasks and more. Bright and Eye-catching Animations People love animations, and when your website has bright and engaging animations, they can’t help but pay attention. If you aren’t sure about where or how to add animations, speak to your website design professional to get the information you need. Clear Call to Actions Having clear CTAs in place will allow you to capture attention and guide users through your website. Instead of leaving your visitors to figure out your navigation and next steps on their own, CTAs will guide them seamlessly through the process. CTAs can be graphics or text, and the best thing to do for your website is to have a mix of both to get your visitor’s full attention. Non-traditional Scrolling Scrolling is nothing new, but non-traditional scrolling can grab attention through its fluid and automatic motions. You will start seeing more non-traditional scrolling as we go into 2019. When you are one of the first websites to introduce this new look to your visitors, you will get the most attention. Interactive Web Designs Engaging with your customers as soon as they get on your website will allow you to keep people on your website longer. User engagement is one of the most important things for your business. Your website should be a tool that works for you to get that engagement. Look at other website’s interactive web designs for inspiration and see what is going to work for you. B2B websites need to be at the forefront of new technologies. While B2C websites might not need to be updated as quickly, when you want to stay ahead of your competition, B2B websites can’t fall behind with respect to lead generation. Choosing What to Implement on Your Website You may not feel you can do an entire overhaul on your website right now, so what do you do? When you can’t decide what you need to do on your website, the best thing to do is think about how each change is going to affect the user. You always want to think about improving user experience. Make sure any changes you make on your website are going to help you either make your site easier to navigate, faster, more attractive or more content rich. If the changes you are thinking about implementing don’t do any of those things, you may want to choose other priorities. If your goal is to rank your website in Google, you should always remember that user experience is the most important part for them. Google understands what everyone should understand, and that is the fact that people will come back when they have a good experience. You want to have a website that converts your visitors into customers. Whether you are capturing leads, nurturing leads or sending people to sales pages, your website should focus on conversions. If you make changes to your website and notice they aren’t going well, you should have a plan to revert those changes. You can’t be sure how your target audience is going to react until you actually see things in action. Split testing is another way to see how people react to changes on your website. Ask your existing web design agency or other web design firms you are interviewing what they feel the best plan is for your website redesign to support your lead generation efforts. Your website should be your best sales person. If it is not designed and deployed in support of your companies lead generation goals in mind, it will be an expensive lesson on curating persona-driven content that speaks to pain points of your website visitors. Don’t Skimp on Web Design The way your website looks is one of the key parts to your online marketing efforts. Whether you’re creating sales pages, landing pages, blog posts or other online properties, you want them to look amazing. Continue working on your web design to get the best results out of your website design. Everywhere!

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