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Aug 21, 2014 2nd Annual Small Cells Summit 2014, Mumbai United States
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Aug 21, 2014



Aug 21, 2014


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The Lalit

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Conference Organizer:


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Cerebral Business Research


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+91 11 4175 1011

With the Indian Telco’s in the process of upgrading the networks to take care of the data surge, it is given that small cells are going to be a significant part of these networks. While small cells will be part of both 3G and 4G networks, it is the latter which is going to give it the much needed push in the Indian subcontinent. The Broadband Wireless Access spectrum is in 2300 MHz band and this will pose challenge to the telcos in in-building access, thus making the use of small cells essential.

Indian carriers are carefully looking at their business models and network deployment plans that allow them to deploy 3G and 4G networks while also profitably monetizing data traffic. Right now, the Indian telcos are mulling over various business models for the deployment of small cells across their networks. While addressing network congestion is one of the main reasons for the deployments, creating hot-spots and providing indoor coverage are also on radars of the Indian telecom service providers. Service providers understand that small cells not only help them improve coverage and capacity, but also push the consumption of data and open new revenue streams to increase their ARPU.

As a result, small cells technology, also known as femtocells, can open an entirely new marketplace within the family household, by increasing mobile service quality and connection speeds indoors. In addition, small cells networks offer CAPEX and OPEX savings for mobile operators where they are committed to deliver mobile broadband services. ‘Small cell’ technology combined with services to enable mobile operators to address exploding demand for video streaming, Internet access and voice calls in high-traffic locations.

To address the important challenges & future opportunities for Small Cells technology for Indian telecom industry – We are pleased to present India’s only business forum on Small Cells now into its 2nd successful year – 2nd Annual 4G Small Cells India 2014 taking place on 21st August 2014 at The Lalit – Mumbai.

Small cells or microcells/picocells have been widely used by many network operators for some time to boost capacity in urban areas, provide rural coverage, and extend services into large public areas such as shopping malls, airports and railway stations. For the Indian network operators - traffic growth, network capacity and spectrum availability have become a major concern, In order to provide high quality network services, they notice small cells networks a solution for creating new network architectures to address these challenges.

This forum will bring together Indian network operators alongside with leading small cells vendors, to discuss the latest technology solutions and business strategies to cost-effectively optimize the small cells networks in India.

Important Subjects to be discussed

o    Examine the role of deploying small cells in 3G/LTE ready India
o    Examine the cost of deploying small cells vs. macro cells
o    Understanding the key areas of small cells deployment
o    What are the major challenges of small cell backhaul deployments
o    How to ensure a profitable business case for small cell deployments?
o    What options exist for outdoor small cell backhaul?
o    Is small cells really needed for 3G/LTE network for value proposition - operators perspective
o    Understanding what services and applications are possible over small cells Everywhere!

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