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September 26, 2013 Best Practices for a Responsive Website ,
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September 26, 2013



September 26, 2013


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Online (Audio Conference),

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Lorman Education Services


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As a larger majority of internet use proliferates onto devices of every size and resolution, you can no longer create a version of your website for every possibility. Responsive web design is the design and development of one design for all possible output devices. This live webinar will provide an overview of steps and best practices that should be taken when creating a responsive website. This is a great program for those involved with the ideation, design and development of websites.

5 Reasons to Attend
•    Learn what Responsive Web Design is and why it should be used
•    Learn about the technical components to consider before development
•    Learn about the importance of utilizing content to dictate layout
•    Learn key considerations for mobile and tablet devices
•    Learn how to test responsive designs for final implementation

    Responsive Website Introduction
•    What Is It?
•    Why Choose It?
o    The Case for Mobile
o    Screen Proliferation
o    Be Device Agnostic
•    Consider Content
o    Use Real Content
o    Create a Priority Guide
•    Understanding Flexible Layout and Screen Sizes
o    Liquid Layouts
o    Media Queries
o    Content Breakpoints
•    Design Plan
o    Designer and Programmer
o    Mobile First
o    Sketch Layouts
o    Grids and Grid Systems
    Responsive Design
•    Wireframes
o    Think Modular
o    Think Mobile
o    Show or Hide Content? Conditional Loading
•    Take It to the Browser
o    HTML/CSS Prototyping
o    Test and Review
o    Finalize
•    Design and Creation
o    Navigation Considerations
o    Images
o    Icons
o    Media Objects
o    Typography
o    Interactive Components
o    Forms
•    Design Testing
o    Multiple Screen Testing
o    Multiple Browser Testing
o    User Testing
o    Provide Fallbacks
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This live webinar is designed for marketing directors, managers, account managers, presidents, vice presidents, web developers, analysts, consultants and other marketing professionals. http://www.lorman.com/live-webinar/392327?affiliate=eventuresworldwide&c=402&p=16348&md=412641:0:am1hdHRpeEBldmVudHVyZXN3b3JsZHdpZGUuY29tOjEzMDcyOToyOTM2ODk2NzY3&discount_code=

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