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April 18, 2013 Building HTML Web Pages ,
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April 18, 2013



April 18, 2013


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Because HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the foundation of electronic publishing it is essential for many to have a working understanding of its purpose and how it is used. Many marketing professionals working with web design and development teams often feel held back by their lack of knowledge of HTML (and other Internet technologies).

This does not have to be so.
HTML is a text based formatting system used to give semantical meaning to content. It is much like grammar. It has syntax that is straight forward, making it easy for most people to use.

This live audio conference will give marketing directors, managers and others the knowledge needed to stay current in the workplace of today and beyond. Even if you never code a web page you need to know these fundamentals. Learn what you need to know to make a web page and how that knowledge can be applied in many environments.

This audio conference will utilize GoToWebinar®, an internet active tool which allows the speaker to walk through examples in real time. This will be the best way to follow along with the program and a link will be provided for you prior to the program date.


How Web Pages Are Made
•    Hand Coding
•    Web Page Editors
•    Content Management Systems
    Defining Web Design Standards and Their Importance in Web Design, Development and Publishing
    Why Creating Well-Formed Web Documents That Validate to W3C Norms Is Important

Exploration of the Key HTML Elements
•    Required Tags
•    Making Headings and Paragraphs
•    Creating Lists
•    Error Checking HTML
•    Linking Pages
•    Embedding Images
•    Other HTML Tags
•    The New HTML Elements
How HTML Is Used Beyond a Web Document

These Materials are Designed For
This audio conference is designed for marketing directors, managers, presidents, vice presidents, analysts, consultants, web developers and other marketing professionals.

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