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October 15, 2014 Future of Mobile Search Marketing ,
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October 15, 2014



October 15, 2014


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With mobile smartphone adoption reaching upwards of 4.5 billion globally, consumers are increasingly turning to their smart devices to perform tactics once reserved for their desktop or laptop. The volume of mobile searches will surpass desktop searches for the first time ever in 2014, sending marketers everywhere scrambling to understand how they can get in front of this changing landscape. More now than ever, marketers need to understand the impact of mobile search, where mobile search is headed, and how they can use mobile search to get in front of an evolving consumer base. As smartphones continue to advance and add new features, marketers need to understand the impact these features have on mobile search, and more importantly, the impact on mobile search’s role in the shopping process. This webinar will identify what is driving the changing landscape in mobile search, what is on the horizon, and how to prepare yourself for the future of mobile search marketing.

The History of Mobile Search: How Did It Start and Where Is It Now?
The Present State of Mobile Search: What Is on the Immediate Horizon? How Does This Affect What We Are Doing Today?
A One Screen World: In a World Where Everything Is Connected to the Internet, What Is Search’s Role on These Devices?
The Future of Mobile Search: Where Is This Headed? How Can Marketers Get in Front of This Changing Landscape?

Amazon®’s Role in Mobile Search? How Does the Fire Smartphone, Fire TV, and Prime Affect Our Mobile Search Habits?
Google®’s Role in Mobile Search? How Will the Search Giant, Who Possesses a Lion’s Share of Search, React to This Changing Landscape of Search and Steer the Future of Mobile Search? What Is Google® Now, Mobile Knowledge Graph, and How Can Marketers Use These Tools to Dominate Mobile?
Apple®’s Role in Mobile Search? Is Siri Equipped to Handle the Future of Mobile Search Marketing? What Is Next for Apple®?
Microsoft®’s Role in Mobile Search? What Is Cortana and How Will It Affect Mobile Search?


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