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February 5, 2014 How To Develop a Mobile Paid and Organic Search Strategy ,
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February 5, 2014



February 5, 2014


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Mobile marketing spend is exploding. Google® says that within the next 3 months mobile search will surpass desktop search. A stunning 70% of smartphone users say they make a phone call to a business immediately after conducting a local mobile search.
Developing a mobile search strategy is more important than ever. Consumers want to find you on their smartphones and tablets. What do you need to do to prepare for the deluge of mobile visits and mobile calls?

5 Reasons to Attend
– You will learn why mobile callers are more valuable than ANY other type of leads.
– You will learn 5 steps to set up mobile PPC campaigns.
– You will learn options for tracking the success of mobile campaigns.
– You will learn which industries benefit the most from mobile search.
– You will learn what NOT to do when developing your mobile strategy.

    Basics of Mobile

•    Statistics About Mobile Marketing, Mobile Search and the Massive Growth in the Space
•    Mobile Landing Pages and Mobile Websites
•    Growth and Effectiveness of Text Message Marketing
    Background of Mobile Search
•    Demographics of Mobile Searchers
•    Most Common Actions of Mobile Searchers
    Local/Mobile Search
•    Why Mobile Search Is the Single Biggest Thing Local Businesses Should Pay Attention to
•    Which Industries Benefit the Most From Mobile Search
    Mobile Callers
•    Discussion of Mobile Caller Funnel Stage
•    Research From Logmycalls, BIA/Kelsey, Google®
•    Why Mobile Callers Are More Valuable Than ANY Other Type of Leads
    Mobile Organic Search Strategies
•    Mobile Website
•    Mobile Landing Pages
    Mobile Paid Search Strategies
•    How to Set up Mobile Paid Search
•    Call Extensions and Pay-Per-Call
•    5 Steps to Set up Mobile PPC Campaigns
•    Mobile Ad Copy
    Analytics and Optimization
•    How to Track Mobile Search Effectiveness

    What NOT to Do
    5 Steps to Set up Mobile PPC Campaigns


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