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February 28, 2012 Managing successful IT Programs and projects ,
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February 28, 2012



February 28, 2012


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IT is one of the biggest expenses for most organisations. IT departments are among the most expensive out there, and all major (and most minor) organisations have to think very strategically about how they manage and achieve business critical IT objectives. A study by McKinsey recently found that one in six IT projects studied had a cost overrun of 200%, on average, and a schedule over-run of almost 70%.

Programme management enables managers to oversee multiple concurrent projects, enabling benefits that can not be seen when managing projects individually. This masterclass led by Michel Thiry, international keynote and authority on project, programme and value, will show you why Programme Management as supported by the UK Government can ensure that you deliver all your projects with a maximum success rate. This masterclass is designed for executives and senior managers whose organisation or department uses project management; CIOs, chief project officers, programme and project sponsors and directors, experienced programme managers and all managers who need to manage multiple interrelated projects to deliver business strategies in any industry sector.

Masterclass leader: Michel Thiry

Michel Thiry is the founder and Managing Director of Valense Ltd. He has worked in many cultural environments and in various fields, including construction, financial, pharmaceutical, IT and IS, telecom, water treatment, transportation (air and rail), local government and others. He is recognised as a worldwide authority in strategic applications of project, programme and value; as such, he has supported the development and implementation of a number of strategic programmes for large multinational organisations such as Bayer and Kuwait Oil. He is a regular keynote speaker and seminar leader for major international events and has written and lectured widely in International forums, both at the academic and practice levels. http://www.ark-group.com/mp_introduction.asp?ac=1202&nc=1&fc=167

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