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Feb 23, 2012 Smartphone apps for business development and marketing United States
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Feb 23, 2012



Feb 23, 2012


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De VereHolborn Bars

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Ark Conferences Ltd


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The number of smartphone users is expected to cross the billion mark within three years - fuelled by the growth of the iPhone and Android. With an increasing number of customers on the go and using their phones for more than just calls and texting, businesses are increasingly looking at how they can leverage this accessibility for maximum profit and profile. Jeremy Rosenberg, ex-head of KPMG's marketing, communications, and brand management departments as well as long time veteran of the advertising and marketing circuit, will show you how you can take your existing business and make it mobile - enabling your customers to interact with you wherever they are. The benefits are obvious; this masterclass will show you how to formulate an effective strategy for mobile apps and clearly outline what you'll need to consider and do in order to roll it out to perfection. The masterclass will be particularly relevant to heads of marketing, knowledge management, IT, communications, business development and strategy, but is of course open to all participants interested in developing any mobile app for business.

Masterclass leader: Jeremy Rosenberg

This masterclass will be led by Jeremy Rosenberg, who spent 9 years at KPMG heading up the marketing, brand management and internal communications team, before setting up a mobile marketing consultancy and an app development company. Jeremy focuses on delivering easy to understand advice to businesses, enabling his clients to formulate clear strategies for success in the mobile apps world.

Before working at KPMG Jeremy worked with a wide range of clients including Boots, the BBC, Ford, Kellogg, KFC, and Merrill Lynch. He specialised in marketing and advertising strategy, consistently delivering top notch service on his campaigns. Everywhere!

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