Finding a Mobile Developer

Many businesses are taking that new big step towards a growing mobile market when trying to provide their customers with new features and mobile access.

For many businesses, there are a lot of opportunities to create a custom mobile application. When making the decision to make a mobile application, the decision-making then turns to the topic of finding the right mobile developer.

While there are some companies which are gifted with talented mobile developers, many businesses will find that outsourcing the work is their best or only option. For smaller businesses, the concept of outsourcing work is not something foreign to them as there are a lot of services that are best left to experienced professionals. Mobile applications are certainly no exception.

When it comes down to outsourcing your mobile development it can be difficult and even daunting when searching for a mobile development company. There are a large number of providers on the Internet that claim to offer iPhone or Android app development services, but many of them may be inexperienced in creating the type of application you're looking for. Here are some tips you can use to narrow down your search when looking for an experienced and reputable mobile app development company.

Target Platform

It is first important to know which platform or platforms you're looking to target with your mobile application. iPhone and Android are certainly the two largest mobile platforms, but there are a number of other platforms including Windows Phone and Blackberry which businesses need to take into consideration. It is important to first define who your audience is and what types of devices they are looking to access your products and/or services from.

One easy way to determine your target platforms is to actually survey your clients. This can be done through a number of ways including email communications with access to the survey and obtaining information about how they use your products and/or services either at the time of purchase or during support requests. Regardless, obtaining this information can turn you to the right direction.

It is important to identify the target platform in addition to what types of devices will best interact with the type of mobile application you're creating. For instance, some applications are meant to be used on a phone device as they require some features that are not commonly found in tablets. On the other hand, some applications require a larger screen to interact with and are therefore not compatible with phone displays.

Design Philosophy

When performing research on different mobile developers it is important to try to get an understanding of their design and development philosophy. Many developers have a different approach towards application development. It is important to find a developer whose philosophy is compatible with the way you do business. Some mobile developers will spend a large amount of time in research prior to designing applications while others will take the approach of first creating a prototype and then getting feedback from the client.

Many mobile app developers will explain their development process and philosophy up front.

Previous Works

A key component when researching a mobile development company is to look at the work they have done in the past. The final product of a business is often a great example of the work one can typically expect from them. If you're reviewing the applications developed by a mobile developer, it is important to first verify with the publisher where you're getting the app that the developer truly did work on the application. It is also important to obtain additional information from the developer in regards to whether that application is similar to the average application they take on.

It is not uncommon for companies to showcase their best work rather than their average work. It is important to find companies which showcase consistency in their work. Don't be afraid to ask a mobile developer for client references and other examples of applications if they are available.

References and Reviews

Through our website we offer visitors the ability to comment upon the services they have used. Our list of mobile development companies contains a list of vendors with a profile attached to the recommendation. We encourage our visitors to read and write reviews. This in turn ensures that visitors to our website will be able to read the comments of those which have already used the service in order to get a better understanding of how the vendor treats their clients.

Obtaining client references both directly from the vendor and through your own research can provide you examples of how others feel the vendor performs. A mobile developer is more likely to offer you customer references for their best projects than they will any projects where the customer is not entirely satisfied. Through reading reviews and connecting with others which have had mobile apps developed by your target developer you can obtain a more accurate view of how the mobile developer operates, the type of final product they produce, and whether you need to worry about delays or communication issues.

At the end of the day we offer our visitors a list of recommended mobile developers. It is important for you to perform additional research on the quality of work and the expectations to have when selecting a mobile development company. By taking the steps outlined above, you can save yourself future headaches and hardship by teaming up with an exceptional and customer-centric mobile development company. Everywhere!

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