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Who is topseos? is the leading provider of independent rankings of online marketing companies around the world. Since 2002, we have been evaluating and ranking internet marketing agencies in over five regions including the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom. We continue to expand our offerings to growing markets around the world.

How are companies evaluated and ranked?

Each of the companies featured in our rankings have been placed through a meticulous evaluation process which has been in development since our start in 2002. We continue to address any areas of our evaluation which may not be as comprehensive as others in order to ensure we provide the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis of online marketing companies. Each set of rankings are based on five areas of evaluation which are specific to that area of practice. The evaluation criteria for search engine optimization differ from those presented in pay per click management. In addition, we continue to speak with client references and remain involved in industry events to remain on top of the latest innovations and developments in the online marketing industry.

What makes us independent? is not affiliated with any public administrative agencies, government entities, non-profit organizations, or any organization which may impact or undermine its impartiality in performing the meticulous evaluations used to create the rankings each month. We have no financial or ownership interest in any of the companies which we rank from time to time.

How does topseos benefit those seeking internet marketing services or products?

The online marketing industry contains thousands of competing vendors providing a wide variety of online marketing services and software. We take the role of research and evaluation quite seriously in an effort to assist buyers of online marketing services and software in finding reputable providers within the industry. Since 2002 we have provided our findings online without an expectation of payment from buyers. With the range of variety of providers, it can be confusing finding a reputable service provider or software developer. We offer our service as a means to filter out the companies that may not live up to the expectations which they set or may not be consistent in producing results for their customers.

How does topseos benefit those providing internet marketing services or products?

The rankings serve as a way for reputable and competent internet marketing companies to be highlighted to buyers. We put all vendors through a meticulous evaluation process to ensure that the vendors we recommend are the absolute best based on our research and expectations. As a result, the companies that are selected to be featured in the rankings have proven their ability to achieve consistent results over a long period of time and are generally seen to be as leaders within the online marketing industry. These companies may not be the best fit solution for every single buyer, but these are the vendors which, in our opinion, meet their objectives consistently and thus are ranked as the best.

Are these companies really the best companies out there?

Due to the nature of our service, there are a number of vendors which offer effective online marketing services which may not be featured in our rankings. Our rankings consist of the vendors which we have found to achieve results on a consistent basis. As our listings can only contain a limited number of vendors, we have opted to display the best based on our internal processes for research and analysis. There certainly is a train of thought that would indicate that no single company fits all service or product requirements. These companies simply meet their objectives, in our opinion, consistently and thus are ranked as the best in our rankings. We certainly urge buyers of online marketing services to perform their own research in order to determine which vendor is the best fit for their project, but to utilize as a resource for their own research.

How do I apply for the rankings?

Online marketing companies and software vendors interested in being evaluated can apply directly on The application for rankings can be found here.

Are there agencies that provide great services or products that may not be listed on your website?

In some cases there may be vendors which we have not been introduced to which may provide admirable online marketing services or products. We currently rank online marketing companies in over twenty countries based on the information made available to us by vendors and through general research in the online marketing industry. While we certainly take time to research new companies, the online marketing industry is constantly changing as new firms enter the industry in order to compete in a highly competitive industry. We are certainly interested in learning about new companies or companies which may grow or expand over time.

What is the evaluation criteria?

The evaluation criteria consists of five areas of evaluation which are specific to the type of service or software being evaluated. This means that the five areas of evaluation will most likely differ between search engine optimization and any other area of service. For example, the five areas of evaluation for search engine optimization include on page optimization, off page optimization, needs analysis, keyword analysis, and reporting methods while the areas of evaluation for pay per click management include campaign analysis, keyword selection, creation of effective advertisements, CPA minimization, and automation. Each of the five factors are created based on our internal research on the factors most important to the success of those marketing campaigns.

How can I advertise on topseos?

To advertise on, an advertiser may not be one of the vendors providing services and/or software which is evaluated and ranked on

Companies interested in advertising on can purchase advertisements directly through our website. Our advertising section provides information on ad placement, appearance, specifications, and how our advertisements can help you. Advertisers must also meet our advertising policy located in the advertising area.

How can I contact topseos?

You can contact topseos by using our contact us form located here, sending us an e-mail, or contacting us by phone at 1-800-874-2458. Everywhere!

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