Client Review on Verz Design

What was the best part of the experience?

Lousy experience. We engaged them for 1. Website service 2. SEO Service. Initially the follow up could be a draggy at the beginning. Call no response until I had to complain to get the project moving. Subsequently the project was done and we made full payment. The contract still states that we have a warranty period. The website was poorly done and intermittently throughout the term the website was online at times and offline at times. I get vendors and friends asking me why is my website down. They could not solve the issue and my website is still intermittently down. Concurrently after website went on live we signed on a contract with them for SEO service. $600 per month with the following milestones STATED in the contract: PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: 1ST MILESTONE: 10% of KEYWORDS RANKING ON PAGE 1 WITHIN 90days 2ND MILESTONE: 30% KEYWORDS RANKING ON PAGE 1 WITHIN 6months 3RD MILESTONE: 60% OF KEYWORDS RANKING ON PAGE 1 WITHIN 12months

What would you change about the experience?

IF DURING THE TERM THE PARAMETERS AS PREVIOUSLY OUTLINED ARE NOT MET- CLIENT WILL PAY VERZ NOTHING MORE TILL WE HAVE DELIVERED. I have proceeded to sign on the contract since they look like an established firm with confidence to deliver results as stated above in BOLD in their contract. 90 days passed, 0 words ranking on page 1. 6 months passed, 10% words ranking on page 1. And by then I have already paid them $3852. Realising they are non competent I requested for them to STOP work immediately. Then comes another invoice for $1900+. I REFUSE TO PAY BECAUSE THEY DID NOT EVEN DELIVER THE FIRST MILESTONE!


Guess what they did next ? They BLOCKED ME OUT FROM MY WEBSITE CONTROLS and DEMANDED FOR THE $1900+ in order to restore it back to me. The point here is, the website payment was 100% paid. The rights over the website have been transferred to our company. The SEO Milestones was NEVER ACHIEVED. WE DID NOT DEMAND FOR ANY REFUND BUT THEY WANTED US TO PAY THEM FOR THE CRAP WORK GIVEN. As such, They unethically changed our passwords / corresponding emails on our website controls and BLOCK US out. This company is not credible. We hope nobody should be their next victim as we proceed to claim them via legal methods.

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