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Oct 25, 2012 5 Secrets to Making Your Website Sell United States
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Oct 25, 2012



Oct 25, 2012


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What is the secret behind successful websites? Copy. Not pretty graphics -- although pretty graphics can add to your brand and help sell, the copy does the heavy lifting. Mistake entrepreneurs make, especially beginning entrepreneurs, is they spend all this time and money creating a pretty site and pretty logo and nothing on copy, and then they end up with a pretty site that doesn't do anything for them.  Join Michele PW, your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist as she dishes on what you need to do to transform your website so you start seeing real, proven results in your business.

5 Reasons to Attend
•    Learn how to tweak your website to open the floodgates
•    Understand why good copy is more important than a pretty website
•    Learn the secrets to getting people to buy on your website
•    Discover some of the most overlooked strategies that make your website profitable
•    Gain more visibility, more clients and more money

What Is Copywriting?

The 5 Secrets
One of the Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Trying to Figure out Why Their Web Site Doesn´T Make Them Any Money

One of the Most Overlooked Strategies – Don´T Do This and Your Web Site Will Never Be Profitable

What Tweaks You Need to Do to Your Web Site to Open the Gates to a Flood of New Customers (And, Best yet These Customers Will Be Chasing You)

The Secret Behind Getting People to Buy Everywhere!

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