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February 1, 2013 DeveloperWeek 2013 Conference & Festival ,
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February 1, 2013



February 7, 2013


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SPUR Urban Center, 654 Mission Street. San Francis,

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DeveloperWeek 2013 Conference & Festival is the first-annual 6-day conference and festival (February 2-7, 2013) in downtown San Francisco where amateur and veteran developers alike can learn about – and build with – over 200 developer tools and languages! DeveloperWeek is a convergence of developers, inviting over 100 speakers to educate you about Node.js, Android, design & UI, Hadoop, MongoDB, and everything new in 2012-2013.

The DeveloperWeek hackathon kicks off the week with hundreds of dev teams building new web and mobile app ideas. The top 5 hackathon teams will get ‘incubated’ by DeveloperWeek advisors and will receive sponsor products / services to help turn their apps into launchable startups! If you know you want to build a brand new app during DeveloperWeek, apply for our scholarship program and get a free DeveloperWeek Pro Pass!

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Here’s a few of the panel sessions from the DeveloperWeek conference:

    Do venture capitalists care about your technology choices?
    The Non-Developer’s Guide to App Development
    Success Stories in Monetizing Mobile Apps
    Becoming a Data Scientist: Jobs, Tools, and Skills
    Your User Interface Sucks: Case studies in why design + UI make a huge difference

Plus another 50+ workshops and talks from speakers at Google, TypeSafe, 10gen / MongoDB, dotCloud, Koding, Blekko, EngineYard, Stackmob, GeekList, CareerCup, and over 100 more.

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