Client Review on Rackspace


BEWARE OF DOING BUSINESS WITH RACKSPACE. I should have heeded the warnings. Rackspace is ranked 4173rd out of 4249 web hosting companies according to some top reviews and I can see why. Initially it seemed like a decent option for the company I work for because they were able to offer the type of dedicated and compliant server we needed on a month by month contract which is hard to find. We have been in the process of building a new website, and I knew that we may need to make a change when it was complete. Our new webmaster did a deep dive into the different options, and determined that RackSpace was not the best option for our new website. Since we had paid extra for a month by month contract, and I had confirmed the information with our account manager, I was of the inclination that cancellation would require only a 30 day notice. Now I am being told that there is a 90 cancellation requirement, our account manager is no longer available to speak to, and that they absolutely refuse to make any changes to their policy. In my mind, that is not a monthly contract- that is a three month contract. What is the point of paying extra for a monthly contract when it takes three months to cancel? Not to mention the fact that our website has NOT functioned the same since making the switch which is why we are leaving the company. What a racket. I even warned that I was leaving this review and there was no response. It's clear that they don't care about their reputation or their customers. I hope the extra $800 they'll get from not allowing us to cancel our month to month contract was worth it.

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