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I have been going for routine checkups and to renew medication for high blood pressure which requires a visit every 6 months. My employer does not provide insurance and out of pocket insurance is really to high so I can not afford it. In the past I have paid out of pocket for all services rendered including tests, at time of visit. This time I also paid 100 dollars out of pocket. In the past a paper with results was mailed to my house. Now they want you to access a portal. Fine, technology is evolving I get it. But now I have to pay over a 1000 dollars to a diagnostics lab for simple blood work and urine test. I wish I would have been advised of this when I visited or made the appointment. Because they have my records and no I do not have insurance. In the restaurant business that is called lack of engagement to the guest. A sterile disconnect. Which translates to the patient feeling like he or she does not really matter. Seems like some administrative issues need to be addressed. I offered to pay my fee to the desk attendant and they were not even aware. I knock off 2 stars because of the lack of communication. The medical staff were professional and courteous but the wait was extreme, it took over an hour between waiting room and exam room wait. I like my doctor but unlike before I can not afford a $880.00 blood test.

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